October 5, 2009

Wonderful old home/closet redo.

I didn't take a before shot with the old shelves.Just a picture of the empty walls.
The space was not being used to the full potential I knew it had.
Of course I had to convince Mr. T. that the space needed a redo and that he should do it.
The space is just off the kitchen.Our 2 pantry cupboards are down a few steps in the hall by the family room.It will be so much closer to have the canned goods and the big pots I use often on these new shelves.

A little history of the house.
This house is over 110 years old.We are the 2nd owners.It is a wonderful old house.We have done some major remodels but have for the most part left everything original except for the kitchen.
Why when they built homes back then was the kitchen the smallest room in the house? It is my understanding that Mrs. Draper the original wife, served meals and teas in the house.
The lay out of the house was such that she could go through the swinging door into the dining room and serve a group. She could go though the back bedroom(which she may have used as the 4th serving room), to the music room to serve a 2nd group.She could also go through the basement door in to a small landing and through a small door to the closet under the stairs into the living room to serve the 3rd group who were separated by pocket doors.It is this closet we are redoing.
The layout of the house has not changed with all the remodels we have done.The swinging door is gone but the rest is the same.
We raised our 4 children in this house.Sometimes I think it is time to move.One does accumulate stuff after such a long time.Then I think after almost 38 years I really don't think I would be happy any place else.

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