October 26, 2009

gardens and brussel sprouts

Finally we got the garden clean off.The Iowa weather has been rain, rain, rain.
We waited to harvest the brussel sprouts until after a frost.A nice crop off 4 plants.Into the freezer they go!
The leaves are falling fast,hopefully we will have a few nice days to rake.It makes so much more work in the spring if we do not get them all picked up in the fall.

I finally got a picture of the small buffet.The redo turned out really well.it is a bit brighter in the pictures than in person.I finished the chalkboard to go on top.Nice old picture frame.
Mr.T cut my boards.i have several more frames to finish for my booth at the antique mall.
The washing machine is rocking with all the table clothes I found to resell.My goodness no one needs 25 table clothes!!There is so much more to go through.Toys and books in the attic.Kitchen utensils in pantry and the baskets oh my goodness.!!
I better get to it.Have a good week.

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Martha said...

I love brussel sprouts, in fact last week I bought some frozen and eat the entire box with my meals, and I let them thaw and ate them out of the box so to say! Like popcorn, my family does not like them at all!