October 17, 2009

Mall booth/Fall color

You know how they say one thing leads to another?
Well it is true for me.I moved the hoosier cupboard to the screened porch. After emptying it there were things I decided I do not need.I thought where to take these things and decided to try a booth in the local Antique and Art mall. After making the decision I thought of so many things I do not need any longer. This is going to be fun.Vintage linens, children's dishes,a doll house,pictures,dishes and glass ware,pottery and so much more.I have enjoyed collecting all of it but now it is time for someone else to enjoy my finds.The picture is the before.I will be posting the after when done.We start moving in tomorrow.Thank goodness they are open on Sunday afternoon. I will need Mr.T's muscle for a couple of hours .

The weather here has not been the best for a speedy harvest.We had hoped to take a drive to see the fall color but we had a freeze and the trees are now a dull brown.I did find one stand of trees that are still a brilliant red/orange.It was over cast again today but if i didn't get the picture soon the leaves will be history.

There is a young man that had surgery for bone cancer on Friday. He is the son of our daughters best friend since high school.I think he is 14.
Things were worse than they first thought.He had bone replaced in his arm and will have a long process of treatments and therapy.Please keep Seth and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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