October 31, 2009

Booth set up/Halloween

What a busy day. we worked at the booth again today.Mr. T. had to help me put up the ladder to hold baskets and we put up the old door wooden grids as a sort of ceiling between the door and the wall. Hard to explain.You can see it a bit in the picture of the door at the top
I will get more pictures when I get some more things set up in the coming week.I wall papered the one side of the door with an old song book.It turned out really good.Lots of good comments on it
from customers in the store.

Here are a few of the trick and treaters we had tonight.
What fun.Halloween has always been a fun time.One I enjoyed as a child,
in a small town that was safe to go to any neighbors for candy.It is still that way in the town we live in.
Our children looked forward to it as well.
Have a great new week.j

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Martha said...

Good Luck with you booth, I wish I lived closer, I would stop by to shop, I bet you have some really great goodies!