June 2, 2009

Vacation / thank God

Thank God.

We survived our trip to Florida.I had hoped it would be relaxing. It was in some ways , not in others. I have never been a good traveler and I surprised myself and DH.The motor home makes all the difference.It was very enjoyable riding.We arrived on time for which we were very thankful.
The graduation was wonderful.The rain held off and the night was perfect.A nice breeze and not a lot of bugs.
I don't have pictures of the graduate until DS sends them.He has a more powerful camera and got good pictures.We were far up in the stands.
The graduation dinner was held at a place called the shrimp boat.I think it is in Panama City.There are several small towns around.
It was a very nice restaurant.Looked like a boat on the water.Folks eat a lot later,in Florida than we do in Iowa.I knew to eat at my regular time, before we went to eat, around 5:30 so I was not really hungry when we were at the restaurant.I ordered the million dollar baked potato.It was delirious. A very large baked potato with sour cream and bacon then cheese,put under the broiler until cheese was melted.Others had fish or prime rib.I had a taste of the prime rib and it was perfect.

Josh is going on to college there in Panama City.This summer he will go on a cruise,spend time with his mom in Arkansas and work.
Sheridan and I shopped for material and we made her an apron which she wore when we made home made noodles.
There is a fantastic fabric shop in Panama City.Quilting by the Bay.Of course I had to leave there with several shopping bags.I am anxious to start making the things I bought the fabrics and patterns to make.Aprons are going to be the hand made Christmas gifts this year.

We had trouble on the way down with the RV.It was very stressful for both of us not knowing what was making the tapping noise.It is not a good feeling thinking we may be stranded along the road at any time.We kept the speed down and that kept the tapping noise at a minimum.After getting to Panama City we tried 3 places to get it repaired with no luck.The last place assured us they could fix it and ordered the parts to repair the cv joint and brakes. All the parts came and were wrong--------- so they put it back together and sent us on our way to the tune of $500.Dh is very mecanical and will do the repairs before we go out again.He said it is not a big deal but it sure seemed like it when we were 1100 miles from home.We think we have figured out all the things that went wrong and are confident we will take another trip.
We really did have a good trip even with the stress.We both liked the convience of the motor home and the gas mileage with this unit was great.There are places we went through we want to go back to visit.Especially in Kentucky.A place called Patti's 1880's settelment.I will blog about that later.
We were without our wheels for all of our visit except the last afternoon when we went to the beach.
Our son drove us around.That was ok but we had planned on doing site seeing on our own.It was hard when he asked where we wanted to go because we really did not know.

Gulf world was one of our day trips.It was really super.
We saw a diving show,

a dolphin show,

a magic show,a bird show

and a sea lion show.It was well worth the $22 they charged.

They put drops in the eyes of the sea lion while we were in the lion area outside of the show area.

The next trip will not be to visit family.We just want to do some site seeing.
I need to get things done here at home so I will sign off for today.More about out trip in the next blog.

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