June 27, 2009

class of "64"

How can I possibly be having my 45th class reunion? Time seems to have gone and left me.
I want to write something profound but it just isn't going to happen.Writing is not something I do well.I like to blog but the way I write is the way I talk.

I can remember when I heard of people having their 25th or 35th reunions---thinking how old they must be.
I am not going to have my 45th and do not feel old.Well for the most part.Sometimes the aches and pains tell me just how old I really am.

This past week I have been gathering memories to share at the reunion.I am doing the decorations and thought pictures on the tables would be fun and some trivia pages of 1964.

I have my kindergarten class and first grade class snap shots.We have a great shop in town that can enlarge the photos and they are better than the original snap shots.
Eleven girls and 17 boys started at Blanch Stoddard school.Miss Shady was the kindergarten teacher and Miss Dress was the first grade teacher.Eight of the eleven girls went all the way through high school with me and at least 8 of the boys.

We had a circus production in kindergarten.I am in the back row 2nd from the end.

The local 4th of July celebration is always great.We are looking forward to a very fun weekend.

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