June 16, 2009

I won first place in my catagory!!!In the FOCD doll challenge.

Before we went on vacation I finished a doll for the focd yahoo group challenge.She is a big doll. 33".The voting is done and I won first place in my category.I am happy to have won.
She is made from Claire Pruitt's penny doll pattern.It is a great pattern.Very detailed with great pictures.
This doll knew who she wanted to be from the very beginning.
She is my Bohemian/hippie girl,Patches.I decided to make a paper clay face for this doll.I am no good with embroidery on doll faces.Give me gesso and oil paint and I do ok.A needle and thread not so good.
When I make and paint a doll I take lots of pictures.It is easier for me to *see* what is wrong and correct the wrong.In the first picture you can see the wrong on the face.Right cheek bone not high enough and the eye was droopy .An easy fix.

She has layers of clothes starting with the orange and black stripe bloomers.The skirt was fun. I did the piecing from colors I love.She also has a belt of the piecing.She will have her own quilt with these colors soon.
The tunic could be worn with the bloomers without the skirt.
Her vest was once going to be a coat for one of the grand daughters but I could not figure out the collar on the pattern I used. I am pattern direction challenged.it is hard to see the texture of the vest fabric.It is nubby.Not a heavy fabric.
The laces I used are mostly vintage/antique.
Her shoes are painted on then I sewed in the ties with lace at the top of the shoes.
Her hat was made by my sister,Lorna.Thanks sis.The flower on the hat is made from antique lace. Her hair is lama hair I got from a local lama owner.
In the beginning I wanted to make a scarecrow from this pattern but Patches had other ideas.
Thanks Claire for a really well done pattern.Thanks to all who voted for Patches.We are happy.
have a great day


Carla said...

Congratulations! She is very pretty.

Martha said...

Your dolls are the very best!