June 17, 2009

Birthday lunch and goodwill finds

It was a very nice day,spent with my friend Marilyn.She took me to lunch for my birthday which was back in May.This is the first we could get together.After lunch we stopped at the local goodwill.
Some days are better than others.I spotted a really cute baby doll.She needs her hair done but is in good shape.I found one more plain white corelle cup to go with the 7 I found last week.The plain white corelle was the first set of dishes I bought new after we were first married.I kept them until no. 2 son needed dishes a few years ago and gave them to him.I wished I had just bought him a set of new dishes and kept my original,I decided to replace them a few years ago.DD bought me a set for christmas but the cups are now mugs not tea cups.My set of plain white corelle is now complete.
The glass pieces i found are unusual.The tall piece has a pouring lip and reads 1qt.I believe it is old and is pressed glass,maybe american pressed cut.The tray is very heavy and not something I have ever seen.I think it probably had inserts for all the different divided spaces.I have several of the night water jars but can never pass up another.

I could not pass up the step stool either and wire swimming pool basket.I will make use of the spanish moss I brought back from Florida by lining the basket and planting it with annuals.

I did a little decorating in the entry.My patriotic bunny on the school bench and the uncle sam with the wall paper border trim on the wreath to the doll room.
I do miss my kitchen americana wall paper border.I can feel a redo coming on.I see i forgot to hang up the small wreath.A job for tomorrow.
Hope your day was a good one.judy

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