August 7, 2015

A busy time

This time of year it gets busy with garden produce. We have canned 21 qts. of green beans and 7 pints of pickled green beans. I started on the tomatoes yesterday.
They will be producing more each day. 4 1/2 qts. in the freezer so far. The beets are doing well, we will freeze some of them also. the cucumbers are producing but not enough to do any pickles. We will just eat them.
My flowers are doing well this year too. The Solidago(goldenrod) got tall.Mr.T. cut it off this morning.  I have a beautiful bouquet on my table. I did not know it was in the aster family. I loved using it when I was, making arrangements, in the flower shop. This bouquet is 33 inches tall. The vase is 12 inches, tall 8 inch across the top to give you an idea of how large it is. It is beautiful. So much for today.Hope you have a good weekend. j

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