June 8, 2015

Making Bears

I made a bear yesterday.It took 6 1/2 hours from the drawing of the pattern to the finished bear. So fun to do. I had forgotten I had the fur packed away. It was like going shopping in my basement again.I am not sure why the front of the bear body looks like it has a crooked seam. I had never made up this pattern before. I don't even know if it is one I drew or one I drew from another persons pattern. It was in a box of patterns I had drawn on paper.
 I love the long arms. It was a practice so Justine can see what it looks like. Maybe this pattern will be the one she makes for the fair. The red and black bear is made from one of Mr.T's farm shirts. I have a good supply of these flannel shirts to make bears.
Have a great week j

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