June 6, 2015

flowers and a bear

This morning it looked like rain so I cut some peonies. They are fantastic this year. The white plant was a gift from Harold Alt. My cousins husband that passed away this spring. They are huge.

The last few weeks Justine and I have been working on her 4H projects. Bears are going to be part of the, several, projects she is signed up for. The idea is to use clothing that belonged to her great grandma Ester. Memory bears are something I have been making for a lot of people over the years. Ester was a very special person to many. She was very special to Mr. T. She and her husband were great friends to Mr.T's parents. He was best friends growing up with their son Gary.

The jumper made a great first bear. She will get a few embellishments. we will work on that next week.

 We have a robin family again on our porch. 2013 the nest was on the drain pipe.

This year they built the nest on the top of a wreath I have hanging in front of the screen room west window. Not sure how she found that spot.It is under the roof of the porch. Silly bird.
 Hope you all have a great weekend.j

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