June 29, 2015

Bear for fair

Justine finished her 3rd bear.It is ready for the fair.
I found a quilt block on line and tried to duplicate it.

I found I needed to do something called a partial seam to make it come together. Usually I can figure out a block from a picture but this one had me stumped. There was a tutorial that helped a lot. http://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/bright-hopes-quilt-block.html
So easy when you know the tricks.

Summer is speeding by. The old saying "If you don't get er it done by the 4th of July you ain't gona get it done." is so true. Have a great week

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Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Well then I made it -- cause we got two major projects done and more than halfway on another so I feel good! I made a queen size quilt about 25 years ago, and never made another one...it was too big of a project to start with. I did find 6 "started" quilts at a barn sale. Each being in different stages and hope to finish them. One is a apple core quilt which I'm finding out not the easiest one to start with. Good luck with you patch, never heard of 1/2 seams.