June 21, 2014

New little quilt

I have around 300 of these scrappy quilt blocks sewn. Just wanted to use up some scraps so I sat down one day and started sewing them together. They have been in a basket for a few months.
Yesterday I started cutting them with my 60 degree ruler. This is what I ended up with. How fun is that!!!
I used fabrics for the border I have had for a very long time.It is some of my favorite and I forgot all about it in a cupboard. I love fabric with stars and most every quilt I have done has star fabric in it.The border fabrics both have stars as does the back fabric It is so much fun to go shopping in my own house. It is 23x25 inches.

1 comment:

Christie said...

I love your star fabrics! They really make great borders for your scrappy quilt! What a wonderful finish! HUGS... and stitches