June 17, 2014

Hexie doll quilt and a UFO

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I finished a lap quilt I have had ( for a very long time) pinned and ready to quilt and bind. The quilting part always put me off on bigger quilts.I decided to do it the same way I do my little quilts with a wavy line of stitches. I do not like a lot of quilting and this is kind of like free motion with out the loop de loops. I love doing the binding. The picture shows how scratched the sofa was.I gave it a cleaning today.Will do the 2nd coat tomorrow.Looks loads better.


I really enjoy making hexies. I finished a doll quilt last week.

 Our Ziva went to a new groomers .Donna's Grooming and Boarding.She has a face book page go visit. Very nice place.
She does a really great job and Ziva had no stress.A very good thing.She does NOT like her picture taken.Like our oldest daughter Ziva hides. Takes 2 of us to get her picture. Donna was surprised at the amount of hair she got off this 26 # pup.She looks so pretty with her new summer hair cut. Hope you have a great week. j


Leatina @ GeoMama said...

Doll quilts are a great idea for hexies. Much more manageable in size and time.

Sarah said...

Adorable doll quilt! The green/purple borders really pull the hexies together :-) And yes, Ziva is pretty in her summer 'do!