June 30, 2014

Bathroom update

Do you like stuff?? Those that know me know I like my stuff. Things that bring good memories,things given to me, things I have found and things that I forgot I had.
I decided The upstairs bathroom needed something new. We re did this bath a few years ago. Put in a tile floor and a dressing table. The dressing table was made from the top of an old TV. We added a leg and a glass top.I love it still.
I decided to add a new mirror but had to have it made to fit the spot the old one had. the old one was oval with a decorative frame. I had decided to do a bit of Americana country in this bathroom along with my stuff.
Shopping in my house is fun. I found old door knobs, an old window,(found by the curb with 2 others)crocks, pictures, a moon shelf ( like my grandma had) along with a braided rug (from my stash of rugs,made by the veterans at the Marshalltown, VA center) .

 The Evening in Paris collection is from Mr.T. ,from when we were in high school. I love it still and have some left in the bottles for special occasions. The picture below the shelf was made by a friend by pressing flowers. I have had it for years.

Cost was minimal. $30 for fabric(shower curtain window treatment.). $6 for a new toilet rug. I did not want to repaint. I like the blue and yellow and I may want to change the curtains again.

 A lot of folks like minimal. I do not.
I want to see my stuff and have easy access to it when I need something,so I have open shelves built behind the bathroom door in both our bathrooms.
I have collected crocks and pottery pieces for years and use it for lots of things besides flowers. I do love flowers and plants as you can see on my window shelf. The plant on the left grew across the old valance so I put it back.I have a project I am working on today to add to the wall for hanging things. I'll share when I am done. I got it done. works great.Thanks to Mr. Tom for his help.

The weather is bad again today with with more dangerous storms and flooding. Better gt off the pc. till later j


Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Such a cute bathroom! I like open shelves also....it forces me to keep things looking good!! I found your blog over at My Colonial Home....following you now. :) Jane

camp and cottage living said...

I love it and all your shop at home items.
Your Evening In Paris collection sure brings back the memories!
I remember buying it for my Mom at Woolworths.

Rick Greer said...

I gotta say, your bathroom is totally unique. It's filled to the brim with sentimental collections. I think that's both very rare and interesting at the same time, but nonetheless, it looks lovely. Thanks for sharing that update! All the best to you! :)

Rick Greer @ Finlay Brewer