February 13, 2014

In the greenhouse.

My little greenhouse brings me such joy in the winter. The fish and flowers let me have a bit of spring when there is snow and cols outside. I thought I would share a few pictures I took today.The thanks giving cactus is blooming again.It is a piece I transplanted. The big cactus is a Christmas cactus. It is in the house. I put it outside each spring.

 The begonias and impatience,I held over again.

This is the bloom on a seed geranium I planted last spring.

 Besides my plants the pond gold and koi fish live in the greenhouse in the winter. The Koi are a few years old.They are getting big. Some of the gold fish are 15-16 years old. So much for warmer weather.The wind is really picking up.
I made Mongolian beef with rice for lunch.A recipe I got off the internet.I thought it was very good.Mr.T. did not like it. He is a meat and potato kind of guy. Has his mind made up NOT to like . I need to remind him we are lucky to have any kind of food when there are starving people. We are blessed in so many ways.
 So it goes at our house.Have a good rest of the week and weekend. Stay warm.j
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Angie Church said...

love it looks so special and green come see what we shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Jean Campbell said...

What a joy to have blossoms in the winter. Seed geraniums? I mean to have geraniums every year and never buy one. Maybe I should plant seed.