February 6, 2014

Hexie Quilt

I have been sewing blocks together. I have over 300 4 1/2 inch rail blocks done. I have also been making the blocks for a quilt from the table topper pattern.After i got them all laid out I see I needed 6 half blocks. I went to see what I had in left over pieces. I had enough to do all 6 so I can start putting it together starting next week. Family is coming this weekend so will have to put sewing the quilt on hold. I do have a plan for them to help me lay out the 300 blocks.

I picked up a small bunch of flowers while at the grocery store.They have lasted a long time.Thought I'd share.The mum is just so beautiful. I've been doing some seed searching. Found big beef tomatoes and seedless cukes seeds so will order next week. Spring is on it's way. Stay warm till then j

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