February 9, 2014

I love fabric scraps

Yesterday it was time to clean up after projects. There were a lot of scraps. 1 1/2 inches wide with 3 to 5 sewn together.They were the trims off the 300 4 1/2 inch sqs I made. As you can see they were odd pieces but went together well.
 I sat down and started stitching them together. I ended up with this cute scrappy quilt. It still needs finished. That will happen this week some time.

 There is still a small pile of scraps.

I had seen this pot holder on pinterest.I wanted to do a block like it but had no idea how to get a triangle with the pieces running the right way. Good old google.Tells you how to do just about anything. I found out there are 2 45 degree angles and a 90 degree angle. I did not have that kind of ruler, so I called on Mr T. he looked at my rulers then at my cutting mat and said well there it is right there.Thanks Mr.T. I had 1 1/2 inch strips left over from the project. I sewed them together and made a 4 inch block thinking it would be wide enough to make the potholder block.Nope

 I found out that the fabric has to be twice as wide as it is tall.(tall being the point)
Math was never something I understood.General math ok but algebra and geometry nope.Here is the triangle on the cutting mat that worked out perfect.

 Of course there were 4 more triangle scrapes.What is a girl to do but make another block! It will make a cute mug rug. I really love messing with scraps. Mr.T. thinks I should stop messing with scraps and use BIG blocks so I get my stash used up. He tells me to throw away the scraps.Silly him!
I am looking forward to Tuesday.An 11 year old girls wants to learn to make a doll.FUN FUN FUN. Stay warm.Have a great week.j


sandi s said...

I love your little quilt, so cute. Your triangles are pretty neat too. Hugs,

Carla said...

The little quilt is so cute. Love the triangles too.