April 22, 2013

Canada geese./birthday

It was birthday time for Cam and Aunt Joanna. Cam shared his cake. It was good Joanna, I ate your piece.I tried to get the colors of the candles fire. Flame was the color of the wax. 

While we were there Cam and Papa made a pair of walking sticks from some of the curly willow trimmings. 

Of course there was the bonding with the new puppy. Cam and Ziva had a great time. A puppy learning to pull his off socks is very funny to an 11 year old.

On our way home from a visit to our daughters we stopped at  a shopping center.There in the parking lot were a pair of canada geese. One sitting on the nest the other sitting guard in the parking lot.For years seeing a canada goose was rare.Now they are common and some times annoying.Hope your week is a great one.j

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