April 7, 2013

4 legged friends

Over the last year and a half we have lost all our 4 legged friends. 2 cats and 2 dogs.  They had all been with us a long time. When Boone died in January I said no more.I can't be this sad again. The hurting heart was more than I remembered having when our first sheltie died.Maybe because the kids were still home and my attention was on other things. When I lost lady I thought I would never love another as much but that was not the case. Our Penny was as special. I bought Boone to keep her company. He was not as smart but wormed his way into our hearts too.
We both had dogs when we were kids and have had dogs through the years but my shelties have been a special breed for me.


Bouncer and Sissy.

We will soon have a new 4 legged friend. Her name will be Zeva. Mr. T named her after a character in his favorite tv show. NCIS. This picture is when we went to meet her. She was just 4 weeks then. It has been a long wait. I am sure you will get tired of seeing baby puppy pictures. We are picking her up on Wed. Mr T has always been working when we got a new puppy so he is in for a new experience.We talked a long time about the expense,the time and the care it takes with pets.

We are looking forward to camping with Zeva this summer. I love training shelties. They are very good listeners. She will be crate and clicker trained. There will be a new dog park soon we will have to visit. Have a great week.j

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