May 2, 2013


We have been busy planting potatoes,corn,peas, cauliflower and broccoli. Monday the forsythia bush was blooming.I went out and cut a bouquet for the table.
 Good thing because this is what it looks like today.Then old man winter decided to have one last party.

Green grass by the camper.The birds were happy to have the dry spot under the camper this morning.

This is the bridal wreath leaves covered with heavy wet snow.

I had picked up a flat of impatience.
Did not plant any will keep them in the greenhouse for a while. Last year I had trouble finding red impatience so thought I would get them when I could. I am linking to.Go visit there are is spring some places.

 Ziva is growing and went out in the snow this morning for the first time. Fun to watch. Her belly was dragging with those short little legs .Mr.T. had to scoop the snow off the grass so she could do her business.

 . Mr.T gets on the floor to play.What a sweet baby girl she is.She is a joy.Hope your days are good. j

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Beth said...

Ziva is adorable! We got our puppy on 12/28 so I was taking her out in the snow and cold many times each day from 7 wks of age on...then, like you, I thought spring had come but alas, we were fooled - 7 inches of snow yesterday-today!