February 17, 2013

Blooming plants

 I took pictures of some of the plants that are blooming. Spring will be here soon but it is nice to have these plants. The peace lily in the greenhouse has 3 big blooms.I did not know how good they smell,until I opened the door yesterday and breathed in the scent. It must be the enclosed small space because I have had peace lilies before but never knew they smelled so good.This lily is about 8 years old.

 I cut some branches off the white lilac.It is starting to show a little of the white color.

The impatient plant from last summer is still blooming. It will be spring soon. Lots to do inside before working in the gardens will come first.

 This sweet little cyclamen came home with me from the grocery store this week instead of the fresh flowers I usually buy.  Have a great week j
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Alicia said...

Love cyclamens, they are so cheery and cute. Your peace lillies look so healthy and happy. Gorgeous flowers, I had no idea they smelt so good either!