February 13, 2013

2ndpost/ New laundry room pictures

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You can see the before of this room remake here.

We have the barn door picture from Mr.T's parents. His cousin painted it years ago. It was the barn from the last farm place they lived. That was what decided the decor for the room.
It has hung in the family room for years but now the family room is my sewing room so the painting needed a new space. I is perfect here.

The farm sink is original to this 100 year old house. We had to make a new base because the metal one was too rusty.  The new base was the table from Mr.T.'s childhood.
Cut, sanded, new legs and a new edge piece in front.

The cupboard, above and to the right of the sink, was the one from over the fridge in the kitchen redo. The box above to the left is a peach box made into a small cupboard. So many things I have had no place to display. Picnic baskets,Oshkosh baby overalls, wood drying rack etc. Even storage for rags. Now I have the perfect place for them all.

 The clothes folding table is the top of a wood ironing board I had. It is a perfect fit and works really well.The hanging rack above the washer was a curb side find. Some kind of a metal baby bed rail is my guess. A great place for the chicken on the barn wood nest. Shelf under the picture is barn board. Tractors were Mr.T.'s.
The box under the shelf is a great place for the dryer sheets.

 The shelves behind the washer/dryer,sink and above the doors are just a plus from Mr.T. Thanks honey.I finished this wall hanging.It was started about 15 years ago.Fit perfectly on the south wall by the washer.
I really like this new room.Things I have collected over the years are just right for out there. It is so sunny in the morning even fun to do laundry.j


Judi Hunziker said...

Wonderful job! Your laundry room pictures lokk like they are right out of a Country Living magazine, :)

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Thanks Judi. I am loving it.

Holly Field said...

Congratulations on a great finished laundry room. I love your washboards! But I LOVE your sink!! My grandmother had one, and everytime I see one at the salvage yard, or in a home, I start wanting one all over again. But to put it in the laundry room is genius! We are renovating a very large, very old, brick warehouse/business office building, and still have finishing work and new flooring to put in someday, so I know these projects can go on, and on, and on.