January 21, 2013

Sewing room

I love to look at others sewing spaces.http://www.everythingetsy.com/2012/11/sewing-spaces/
 I am lucky to have a great space. It is not a pretty as a picture sewing space.
It is like the rest of our home. Full of stuff I love.

I had rooms in the basement.That was great too,but then we had a flood and it was not so good. The city says the sewer lines are fixed not but I am not so sure.I lost to much in that flood and don't want to take a chance of something like that happening again.In the picture the red is dye from creape paper. There was 17 inches of sewer water.                                                                                              It is now great storage with everything up on shelves in totes.

The space I have now I have told you was first my greenhouse then a family room. It is still where we watch tv in the evening. Nice gas fire place keeps us toasty.

I look at pictures of organized everything in its place.Fabric folded so nice and I think "do they really work in there?" I think the same when I see kitchen pictures. Love some of these ideas.http://pinterest.com/caribousmom/sewing-rooms/

Yesterday we hung another part of the old ladder Mr. T had ,but would not use. Nice guy he is I got to have it!! Any way the storage I have,in the sewing space, is all make do .Shelves and cupboards along with a hodge-podge of boxes, suit cases,crates and baskets. The ladder will be great for storing the baskets I use for projects. It is ,hanging just above and just behind my ironing table. North east corner of the room.

We hung one piece in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago. here http://hardincountykeepsakes.blogspot.com/2013/01/old-ladder.html
This picture is my sewing corner. South west corner.  I moved the table from by the ironing table so I would have to get up and walk every time I need something pressed.

 The last 2 pictures are of the doll quilts I did yesterday and today.That pile of stripes is shrinking. I will stitch the binding tonight while watching tv..Time for supper. Meat loaf and baked potato. Have a good week.j

Link to. Visit Brenda she has fun stuff.


Merilyn said...

I love your sewing room, it looks so interesting and looks as if someone actually lives and sews in there LOL!!!! Mine is a bit like that too....Love your little doll quilts!!!!!

craftyles said...

Your sewing room looks sp cozy. The quilts are fantastic!