January 7, 2013

House plants.

I have always had house plants. I think of them as therapy.Because I have a small greenhouse I have more than most. I can spend hours in my greenhouse even if it is small.  The plants in the greenhouse go outside in the summer.I thought I'd share some I have in the house. One I bought in 2006 or 2007. The poinsettia did not survive but the marble queen pothos did very well. Don't look to close.It really needs to be dusted.Yikes! 

Plants make me smile.Water them grooming them.The smell of the soil. All good for dispelling winter blues.If you have no plants add a small potted plant and just see how it makes things brighter.

 There are 3 varieties of spider(airplane) plant that I know of. My grandma Morton had a very big plain green. I finally have a start of the plain green again.My original from years ago got scale. I thought I'd have no problem finding a replacement but that was not the case. The others have a stripe.one on the outside of the leaves the other with a stripe in the center of the leaves. The 2 big plants I got last year and they are doing very well inside. The swedish ivy was also from last spring. They were all outside for the summer. I am hoping this years poinsettias survive till spring.They grow really well outside if I can keep them healthy till then.


 I could not pass up the 2 little plants last week at the groc.store $1 each. They will be good to add to outside combination planters in the spring.
 The Christmas cactus does really well outside.It did not bloom again this year. I re-potted it and am not sure if that set it back .It grew a lot of new green over the past summer.

 I really like arrowhead plants. These were a special at the local grocery store.$2 each. I have bigger plants in the veggie filters in the greenhouse.

 Treating myself to fresh flowers every 2 weeks through the winter is something I splurge on.They are $5 a bunch already packaged with the flower food included. Can't beat a deal like that and it is a great pick me up.

The pony tail palm in the last couple of pictures has lived in the upstairs bathroom for 10 years. I though it would look good on the ladder we hung,(over the counter) last week. I hope everyone has a great week.j   link with


NellJean said...

Mama always bought little plants at the grocery, calling them 'food for the soul.' Pothos and Airplane plants and Christmas Cactuses are among my favorite things to grow.

Rose @ Walnut Acre said...

I love all the houseplants! I don't have any yet but they are on my list of things to get soon.

Melanie said...

I love houseplants! I have about 15 of them in my house right now. My sister gave me a gigantic spider plant but it was outgrowing the pot, so I divided it up into 5 more pots. None of them look like they're doing so great right now, but I'm hoping once late spring arrives, I can put them outdoors. They seem to do better out there.

Chenille Cottage said...

Such a pretty post. I love all your houseplants. They add such a touch of warmth and charm to your home!
Carolynn xx

Linda said...

wow, love your plants...okay, now I need some houseplant help !!! why do the tips of spider plants turn brown??? Christmas cactus, does it like to be pretty dry? The leaves on my feel kinda soft and the buds fell off.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Linda,I found too much or not enough water causes problems with a lot of plants.Not enough is probably the problem.
I water once a week on the same day.
The Christmas cactus is different.
Some people water a lot.I found with mine once a week works. When it goes out side I water it like any of the other plants. If the leaves are soft then it is not enough water.That is how I always know when the jade needs a drink.The leaves get soft not firm.Good luck.j

Alicia said...

Your houseplants look fabulous. I am not the best at keeping them alive.