January 23, 2013

mug rugs/ back porch progress

Mug rugs. One for me and one for Mr. T. I tried the free motion quilting again and did better.These little quilts took little time to stitch together.Longer to stitch the binding on.(the part I like,to do, the best)

I finished the binding on the 2nd doll quilt.

It fits so well on the remington typewriter box,coffee table, in the living room I will use it there.

We are making progress turning the back porch in to a laundry room. I got all the trim painted 2 coats so it is ready to be put up. The washer and dryer are moved. Mr. T is working on the base for the sink.
We are using an old table, that came from his parents for the top under the sink. The table was the family table as he was growing up. It is good to put it to use rather than throw it out. It looks rough but will be just right when we get done with it. The sink was original to the house.

The old base was metal and was to far gone with rust to save. You can see it here when we had it in the outdoor kitchen. We have been living in this house for 43 years. The on going remodels and projects keep life interesting. Always something new. Some times a challenge but so worth every bit we have done. I do love our home. The weeks are flying by. Soon it will be spring and rebirth of the gardens. Looking forward to that but, have so much to do before the gardens, I don't wish to hurry the days. Hope your week has been good.j
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