December 7, 2012

The reason for the season

I am blogging on my lap top.Wow I can even download pictures.Didn't think it would work so I am not going to miss out blogging.
Over the years I have acquired nativities.One large that is on the porch.This is about 2 feet across.It is heavy plaster pieces I and Rita painted years ago. Those that want to make this a happy holidays miss the point of  CHRISTmas. It is the reason for the holiday weather you are a believer or not. Without Christmas there would be no reason for this holiday and all the belivers and non beliver's would not have days off,or get over time for working on the day. So stop complaining when someone wishes you a merry Christmas and enjoy.


The smaller table top set is one my mom gave me .I found the perfect stable I think at Carol Ann's 2nd hand store a few years ago.

These are the ones I keep in the cupboard year round. 

One more is painted,just the baby and animals. So sweet.I need to find a frame to fit it.Hard to find just the right size round frame.

I changed out a couple of lamp shades for the season.

  At Carol Ann's this week I found a few treasures. I have not made a Christmas little quilt yet so I bought this one instead of stressing my self.The kissing frog(for the pond), the doily (on a table top) and the little hat (on a metal head doll) all have new found spots in our home.
The bunnies from goodwill are just precious.Good for any time of year.
 I remember Marilyn Rutzen making old quilt angels like this one many years ago.I didn't NEED any of these things but NEED has nothing to do with it.
 I know how much it takes to make a bear.I am making bears from a mink coat and it is very time consuming. I saw the jean bear a few weeks ago and thought it was sold as I didn't see it any where then there it was wanting some one to bring it home.
 Every year I buy myself small poinsettias.Three this year in 4 inch pots fit perfectly in this basket Just the right size!The are a beautiful red the light was not right but you see how beautiful they are.Have a great weekend.j

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Sherry said...

Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home and have a Merry Christmas!