December 17, 2012

Santa tree

First of all, I got a new pc and lost all my addresses.So would Vicki,Carol,Kay and anyone else I know I need you to send me an e-mail with your e addresses.

I am on the lap top with no picture program. Mr.T is working on getting a picture program up and running on the new pc.

I took a few pictures of one of my trees .It stays up the shortest time because it is santas. Some vintage,some new.

 I have been working on a bear order and do not have all my decorations out. No matter I will bring out some after Christmas for the rest of winter.

The bears were a challenge. Mink coat make beautiful bears but it is really messy. It took hours to cut them out. You have to cut the skin without cutting the fur.

This was the most beautiful mink I have seen. Not that I have seem many but a few. There are 4 fur bears,2 made from a denim shirt and 2 from men's vests.I used vintage shoe/spats shank buttons for the eyes on the last 4.It totally made the bear face.
I am glad they are done and hope the new owner is pleased. Till later j
Link to cozy little house, at bottom of post.

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