December 31, 2012

Happy New year

To all my friends. 2012 started off good with family here.They had to work today so we celebrated yesterday. Here is cam from 2012.From the clan.Learning to sew.Making a choc.pie,surfing the web,Opening presents. 3 of the MN. clan. Miss the 4th member She had to work. She got married on the 28th.No fan fare just married.. She called to tell me. They will have a celebration wedding in the fall. I admire that they married instead of living together.Not that there is anything wrong for some to do that. But it makes me happy to know they made that choice. The last picture is their prom picture in 2011. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs.Lewandoski.

My wish for you is a Happy and Healthy 2013.j

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