October 29, 2010

Pumpkin party link /Repurposed board into New shelf

http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv298/theliebertfamily/Picture7-2.pngI decided to link this post to the Pumpkin parade.Go visit there are cool pumpkins there.
My pumpkins are made from gourds, I painted with acrylics.They make me smile.Perfect for the new shelf.

Years ago I found an old wooden box in Gertrude's old falling down garage. This was a lady that lived in Alden in the same place as long as I knew her. I had seen an old wash tub she had sitting by this old building and stopped to see if she would sell me the tub for a planter.I looked inside the garage and saw the box.She told me the box had belonged to someone in her family. The box was more like a trunk.
It was sad that this old box, that had traveled with her ancestors, was left in a place that allowed it to become damaged. There are so many things that are lost because someone, doesn't think the thing has value.
I rescued the carved piece off the box. Of course Mr.T did not see the value in this old board either. I have to say I have MY side of the garage that I keep things , other than my car,in. The board did not take up much space stacked along the wall with other boards I have saved. Through the years when we have been cleaning out Mr.T has asked if I really want to save the old board.
I knew some day I would use the board. I did not know *what* I was going to use it for and on the show about horders they would have said if you have not used it in a year you probably never will.
This past week--- after 15 years--- I used the board.
It is perfect!
I didn't think to take a picture of it before.It was a green color--- very worn. I painted and glazed the old board and 3 new boards. Added metal brackets and hung it in the computer room.

The star is another 2nd hand piece I have had for a while and really didn't know where I wanted it until the rooms recent redo.
The paint on the star was a little darker than the shelf. I dry brushed it with the same color as the shelf added a berry wreath, some bitter sweet from my vines and it is just right.
Stay tuned we have 2 more shelves to build. We have wainscoting boards from an old rectory that will be just right for the next 2 shelves. Why buy new when OLD will do.
Have a great weekend.j


Lisa said...

Love the shelf, and your display, too! Very fallish. I see while I've been licking my wounds, you've been very busy.

Whimcees said...


The shelf is lovely! I clicked on the photo of the finished board to a larger view and I can see why you kept it all those years! :<)

Wishing you a happy week!


Barbara Diane