October 15, 2010

I love pumpkins/field work

There are folks that collect apples things,some collect corn things, others collect things with cherries. I collect pumpkin things. Not halloween.

I now have out my soup tureens and some of the serving dishes on the shelves in the dining room. I will share as I get more things on display.I love having the pumpkin things out.

I had looked for years for affordable plates and dishes with pumpkins. I found them at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.

Every year for several years I have participated in the festival of tables held at our local library. 2008 was the year for the pumpkins.

2009 it was a Christmas table

This year I will be using red white and blue.

Mr. T is done with field work. The corn and bean harvest is complete. Thank God all are safe and sound.
It is a worry each year.
Tonight, Oct.15,2010, Mr. T was remembering other harvest seasons and can not remember having such mild weather on the last day of corn picking.
They finished November 21, 2009.
Have a great weekend.j

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