November 26, 2009

unwanted guest

We have an unwanted guest for our Thankgiving.After returning from the grocery store yesterday afternoon I noticed several things on the floor.I know the cat would NOT and could Not knock the wooden cracker box off the top of the spice cupboard. I know there was nothing in the house before I left but then I hear something walking on the top of our newly installed wooden ceiling.Have you guessed?? We have a squirrel in the house.
How you ask could one get in? Last summer I noticed the fake roof on the house had a hole in it.It is on Mr. T.'s honey do list to fix but the weather and work always seemed to get in his way. Well last week I heard noise in that corner but thought it may have been a bird on the roof.
guess I was wrong.We have no idea where it is now the live trap was empty this morning.
We have had to cancel Thanksgiving until we catch the critter.I am totally freaked out!!!!about it being in my house and can not have the grands here.
So wish us luck in getting it out.Thanks for letting me vent.
I do wish you all a very happy day.j

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