November 20, 2009

Table scape/teacup christmas tree.

It has been a busy couple of days.I finally went to the Doctor for something to kick what ever I have out the door.
2 oz. of prescription cough meds was $50.00 and I have insurance.I have no idea how much it would be if I didn't.
Instead of new health care someone needs to put the brakes on rising costs on insurance and prescription drugs.That is ridiculous.Ok that was off topic.

Yesterday was set up day for the festival of tables at the local library.It is wonderful all the different ideas show up.I love dishes. It must be a Clark thing.Mom,sisters, cousins all love dishes.
This year I used all 2nd hand dishes.The table cloth is 2nd hand but new in the bag. the place mattes and runner were new.
Pretty Poinsettias is my title.I used my salt cellars with tiny glass dippers a gift years ago from my aunt Marian.The crystal knife holders were a gift from my friend Carol.I had admired them for over a year and had planned to buy them last week.They were gone but she fessed up to buying then for my Christmas gift.Bless her she gave them to me early so I could use them on the table.

The china is also from her store.The short glasses were a GW find the water goblet is called Wexford glass.I love to collect it and have a lot of serving pieces.
Watch for more pictures of the tables.I will take them tonight.

Today I took a few more things to my booth.While there a lady came to look and decided to buy the teacup tree I made up last week.What a nice gift to give her friend.She explained the friend gives a tea and programs at her church once a month and the gift would be just the thing to show the friend how much she is appreciated for what she does for the church. It always seems that when this sort of thing happens it was a meant to be thing and I am so glad to have been there at the time she came in and to know where the tree went.The base of the tree is a copper tea kettle.bits of vintage lace and the tiny tea sets were so much fun to put together. I am working on a sewing tree and a kitchen utensil tree.More pictures later.Time to get ready to go to the festival.

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