November 13, 2009

Quilt till you wilt/quilt retreat 2009

What a wonderful 2 days I had at the Quilt till you wilt retreat.It is held in the lodge and cabins at Pine lake ,Eldora Ia.What a beautiful setting.The area was hit with a horrible hail and wind storm this year and the area is still recovering.The sadist to me was the beautiful old pine trees that were so damaged.It is my understanding that pines do not grow back needles.These statly trees will never be as they once were.I remember listing to the wind in those trees and it will never sound that way,again, in my life time.The buildings were all getting new shingles.That is another story.Why they picked the week of the retreat to do construction is beyond me.
The Canada Geese were coming in to spend the night on the lake.They always announce their arrival.
The weather has turned much colder than it was last week. It is in the 4o's and 50's durning the day.There was a nice wood fire in the main lodge where we were working on the quilts.
The ladies come from all over for this retreat. I don't have names of everyone but some I remember.Wilma and her daughter Lucy.Wilma is over 90.What a sweet lady.With a mind as sharp as a tack.

Her quilts are wonderful with movement I have never seen in a quilt.
Wilma and I were both sewing on our singer feather weight machines.

I worked on aprons the first day.I will share them at a later time.they are christmas gifts and I don't want them to be seen just yet.

The second day I worked on my red work.It is a panel I bought in about 2000.It took 7 years to finish the stitching.It was my just wait stitchery.I took it to the doc. appt. or when I had to wait for Mr.T. Or when getting the oil changed. I finished it in 2008 but did not know what I wanted to do for the border.I have picked up red or red and white fabric over the years and took it all with me hoping to get inspiration and courage to do the borders.With Charlene's help I decided on a simple 4 patch using the white we trimmed from the panel piece. I am so pleased with the way it turned out.We were shy about 1 1/2 inches at the corners.I added plain white so I can add my signature on one corner and the date on the opposite.

I also came home with a case of what I believe is bronchitis.I really need to be doing more on my booth at the antique mall but am not up to going out today.The open house will just have to go on with out me.


Lisa said...

I'm interested in Wilma's quilt. Did she
make up the pattern or is one available
for purchase?
Thanks, Lisa

Barbara in TN said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Seven years is a long time - definately worth the wait. Beautiful job.
Barbara in TN