September 23, 2009

No canned pumpkin/Baked my own

I wanted to bake pumpkin bars.Went to 3 stores and found NO canned pumpkin.
The problem with making pumpkin anything is there is no canned pumpkin in the stores.
It is FALL for crying out loud!!! Time for pumpkin pie,pumpkin bread,pumpkin soup,pumpkin bars.

For some reason here in Iowa the stores can not get pumpkin.I'm not sure if it is all over the USA.Libby's notified the grocers of a crop failure.
I have baked my own pumpkin in the past and decided to try it again.

It is not hard and kind of fun.

I asked for pie pumpkins but the people selling pumpkins at the store have no clue.The heavier the pumpkin the thicker the meat/pulp.(I had to look up what the inside was called.Good for me.I learned something new today.)

I went to the local orchard and got a small pumpkin.$1.50.About the same price as a can of pumpkin.

Made 2 deep cuts into the skin.Put it on a baking sheet and baked till done about an hour.Be sure to pierce the skin deep or the pumpkin may blow up in you oven.

Peel the skin off while hot,slice in half,scoop out the seeds and it is ready to use in any recipe that calls for pumpkin.

I will pick up a couple more pumpkins and freeze the meat/pulp for winter use.Actually any winter squash will work.If you have extra just bake, freeze and you are set.A lot of you know this but maybe some have never cooked a pumpkin.For me it is much easier to cook-- then clean it,-- than to scoop then cook.

There is, supposed, to be more pumpkin in the stores soon--- but will be limited supply.

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