September 21, 2009

Clay county fair

We have had a very busy past week.Tuesday after Mr. T got off work we drove to Spencer Iowa. We went to the fair on Wed.
It is a really great fair and at the perfect time of the year! No hot weather like at the Iowa state fair in Aug.
The Clay county fair has as good displays and exhibits.

We met friends from Mn. there at the fair.The day was perfect.I will share the things I bought in another blog.

We camped at Leach park.A very nice park but be sure to call ahead for reservations early if you plan on going over the weekends of the fair.

The weather was perfect and the Iowa country side was beautiful.I tried to capture the beauty of the fields but my pictures do not come close to showing the true beautiful colors.The yellow of the bean fields almost hurt your eyes with their brightness.

On the way home Thursday we decided to stop an look at new Winnebago motor homes.The drive took us through Crystal Lake Iowa.

Mr.T worked for Kings construction back in the 1960's.He had poured a cement pad there by the lake and we stopped to see how the work withstood time.It was still there. He remembered the big catfish by the lake.

We walked down by the lake and I took a few pictures.As we walked back I spotted the biggest spider I have ever seen in the open.

Friday was a day at home to catch up on a few things before we took off again for a visit to the weekend doll retreat in Dunbar.

Tomatoes were ready to be made into juice.Nothing smells better than a pot of cooking tomatoes.

How can it be they do not make freezer boxes any more?I have looked with no luck.I found round plastic freezer containers and they have the glad plastic but not the good old sq. freezer boxes that stack so well in my freezer.It is Monday and I have more tomatoes to do and apples.
We are getting some much needed rain today so it is a perfect day to do some cooking.
I better get to it.
I will post about the doll retreat and a day of crafting tomorrow.For now I better get to the tomatoes and apples.
have a good week.

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