September 22, 2009

Art doll retreat

After our trip north we were home a day then on the road again to visit the gals and guys at the doll retreat.
It was great to see them all again and meet new doll artists.

I have known Sherry Goshon for a lot of years.I took classes from Sherry when she first started teaching.
Jeff and Sherry bought the school house in Dunbar Iowa. They have major plans for this building and when it is done it will be a hub for doll makers in the midwest.
They are building their home inside the gymnasium building that is behind the brick school house.
All the doll artists looked to be having a great time and their dolls will each be a work of art. Pictures of Sherry teaching and the class sample doll.

On the way to the retreat we stopped at the famous Taylor's Maid Rite shop.It has been in business for 81 years.At this location since 1958. There is no loose hamburger shop that has the taste of a maid rite from Taylor's.You sit at a U shaped counter.Seats about 30 and it is always busy.A maid rite and a shake.Nothing better.
Well enough for now.That made me hungry.Time to fix supper.

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