July 5, 2009

A wonderful 4th of July weekend

My 45th class reunion was this weekend.I have mentioned that before.We had a 2 day event planned.We had a gathering at the local community theater building which once was a church.Very nice place for a reunion.Just the right size meeting room.
See Phyllis at the front of the line! Marliyn G.and David M.close behind.

On the 4th from 11 to 1 we went on the empress river boat.The day was over cast but the boat has an enclosed section and it was very nice.The river is and has always been a main feature of Iowa Falls.The 4th of July celebration is always a big deal here.The river boat trip gives a view of the man made falls in Iowa Falls.Behind you can see the Indian statue.The veterans memorial is also in the park above the falls.We had sandwiches,a frozen fruit cup, a cookie and a drink for lunch.Thanks Tom and Sharon I.

I was in charge of decorations.I've helped with decorations many times in the past.This time it was what ever I wanted to do.Fun!
Black table covers,yellow gold place mats,big black mug with butter scotch candies(to keep with our school colors),balloons tied to the handle,the small American flag to be very patriotic.The committee chairman Tom Ingelbritson is a BBQ master. He and his wife Sharon prepared our meal. It was beyond a doubt the best steak I have ever had.

The memory table was also fun I dug out annals and photos.Bought frames at the local good will to put most of them in.Others brought things to add to the table.Pick up sticks,box game bingo,cootie game,tinker toys and tiddle winks were a few of the things I had saved.Now I know why I saved them--------- just for our 45th reunion.
Duff made a new picture board and it is outstanding.Our senior pictures are posted and the class mates we have lost are on stars.

It is really a unique treasure.
The class is smaller by 13.We were 109 at the commencement. There are class mates that joined the service or married before graduating but they are no less our classmates. It is always such fun and a joy for me to see everyone at each reunion.A lot of the class members lives close and we see each other but on these reunion days the bond is so strong it is a very special time.For those that were not there I hope the pictures are a pleasure for you and we hope *God willing* we will see you in 5 years at the 50th reunion.
I do hope you all had a great 4th.

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