July 6, 2009

The American flag long may she wave

I am going to get on my soap box here.I read a lot of blogs everyday. There are several prim blogs I have read that are doing what they call priming up the American flag.I have to speak out about this.I have 2 sons who have served this country in the Air Force and were in harms way. I have friends and family with sons and grand sons still in harms way.
I was a boy scout leader for a lot of years and the treatment of the flag was something we took very seriously.Even to dispose of an old flag takes a ceremony.
The American flag is something we should honor.
Here is a site to research before doing anything to the flag.
I don't want to be stuffy about this, everyone has a right to do as they wish.
That said I needed to say out loud that I find the dying,of our flag, in poor taste to achieve a
*prim look* for home decorating.There are lots of ways to use Americana.I decorate Americana through out our home.I do not disrespect our flag.
Just my opinion.

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