July 7, 2009

Doll in progress

I am finally working on another doll made from my MJ pattern.She will be an 18 inch doll.
There is a school girl challenge on the vintage cloth doll makers site.
I started this doll before I knew of the challenge.She was cut out and parts sewn. I stuffed her today. She will be just right. The first set of arm/hands I made were to big. This set is just right.She has cute toes.
I love the challenges.It motivates me to get busy.

I'm not sure why I need motivation.I used to love to just make a doll for no reason at all.Life seems to keep me busy with other things.
I need to make the time to do this thing I really love to do.
*Oil paint cloth dolls.*

I love the whole process.From the pattern design, the cutting and sewing and especially the oil painting.
Most people do not understand this folk art. Most think rag doll, and yes she will be a type of rag doll I guess because I used vintage feedsack to make the doll.
I have found people on line that do understand.Thank goodness.

When we were in Florida I shopped at Quilting by the bay.I found a reproduction 1800's fabric I just had to bring home.That is going to be her dress.

I will add pictures so watch for her progress.

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