December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well I missed telling everyone Merry Christmas.So I will do it today and wish you all a Happy New Year. It has been busy here since Thanksgiving. Don't ask me why we were busy or what we did but The time just seemed to fly by.
 The snow, Christmas day, was beautiful. Ziva was on the porch looking at me taking pictures. She had the "you are really nuts to be out there in your pajamas look" taking pictures.It was so quiet and still no wind and no noise. Not many morning like that in town.

Christmas for the family was supposed to be on Sat. I got ahead of myself and cooked the turkey on Friday.Part of the family came on Friday.So we ate then and again on Sat. and again on Sunday morning before they went home.
The Mn. family did not make it because of the weather.
 Here the group are grazing. Some in the dining room

 others in the living room playing with toys and video games .

Cam has a new amp. and played for us. Love it!!There was one one asleep on the couch but he asked I not post that picture. LOL.
 Thank goodness everyone got here and home before the new storm. I have heard from all and they are at work. Hoping all get home tonight safe and sound.Happy New Year to you all.j

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