March 25, 2010

old movies

I don't know when I've enjoyed a movie as much as I did Wed. night.
I am not much for tv. I enjoy the Duggers and Little people big world.

Last night I watched Bachelor Mother starring, Ginger Rogers as Polly Parrish and David Niven as David Merlin.

What a fun movie to watch.No shooting, no cussing, no sex.Just a good entertaining movie.One that made me smile.

Here is part of a review I found.

"Polly, as Miss Rogers plays her, is the salesgirl who catches a woman leaving an infant on a foundling home's doorstep and is pounced on by the attendants as its mother. In vain, thereafter, does she protest her spinsterhood. In a jiffy, or even less, the store-owner's son is doing his best to make the little mother comfortable. The owner himself sheds a sentimental tear over his grandson—he'd have known that chin anywhere. Three fathers bob up simultaneously to claim little John. Never was paternity, and maternity, so thrust upon a pair of innocents. In their case, the stork had become a bird of prey."
The rest of the review article can be found here.

You can find schedules here
Looks like another good one tonight at 9:45
Star Of Midnight
Have a good weekend.Looks like rain for us.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

I remember that movie. The oldies are the best, aren't they?