August 31, 2009

A Prim doll/Primative?

My sister sent me a couple of pictures of what people call prim dolls.I thought I'd try to make one.
Now my preference is an oil painted cloth doll .Vintage looking.1800 era.
The doll I made today is just ugly.I will share.But just so you know I do not make a habit of making ugly dolls.She is sort of a pumpkin head with a twist.She does like her corn husk doll.
Maybe she will grow on me but I doubt it.

What makes a doll prim? I have looked at lots of blog sites that are called prim.I have some things others would consider prim.I think they are just old.Don't get me wrong,I like some old things .Fact is I have a LOT of vintage things and a few real antiques.
I like to look at blogs with prim and colonial style decorating.But the furniture looks very uncomfortable with the straight backs.Then there is the very rustic primitive.?????My friend always says "we are all odd to each other"
When I see the magazine layouts with the new apartments trying to look old I can only think I hope that is not lead paint on all those chipped pieces people are using.
Now I have no certain style.I like STUFF all sorts of stuff -----not any one style. If I like it I find a place for it.
Eclectic would be a good word for our home.
My friends say they feel very at home here.That is what I like to hear.
I never have comments on my blog so I'm not sure anyone but Kate and Vicki read it.
I do like to blog.I'm not sure how to get more people to read my blog so I will keep blogging and looking at prim sites. Maybe I will make another prim doll.Maybe it will not be ugly.Thanks for reading.


Kate said...

Oh Judy, you are too hard on yourself. Althought she is not the prettiest thing you have done, she does have her charms. She'll be happy to decorate the house for Halloween.

Oh, yeah, the outdoor fireplace is rockin'! The old man done good.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Thanks Kate for the comment!!I know at least one person read it hahahaha
My sister thinks the doll is cute.
"we are all odd to each other"

Martha said...

Hi Judy, I have posted on your blog several times and have said how much I love your dolls. I guess with blogs as with anything else you have to give as well. I get very few posts on my blog and I always try to leave a post on the blogs I visit, I guess time must be an issue for everyone. I love you primitive doll, although as you said, she is not your style. She will be perfect for Halloween decor. I consider my Raggedy Ann dolls primitive because they are made in a way a mom may have made a doll for her child long ago, in a rushed and hurried fashion, with primitive stitching yet loved so by that child. Wishing you a great day.

carla said...

I love your prim doll. Jagers other grandparents are from Germany. But his other grandma has a sister named Judy!!!! hee hee of course her last name isn't Morton but at first I thought you might be her. It is nice to meet you and I love your blog....hugs carla at dancingmoon

Carla said...

I also love the doll.

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Hi, Judy - Like you, I enjoy making pretty dolls and not ugly dolls. I don't think that doll is ugly, btw. I also enjoy making simple dolls and paintings. I don't (any more) try to make ugly dolls, but sometimes I get an ugly doll anyway! BTW, I fixed the eyes on the doll you made a suggestion on and she looks much better.

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

You should put a link to your picturetrail of dolls on your blog. I like to check them out, they really are so pretty!

Go to customize, add a gadget, picture and then upload a picture of one of your dolls, then it will give a spot to put a link in - you put the URL to your picturetrail in and then you have a link.