August 19, 2009

freezing corn

It has been several years since I have had corn to freeze.It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze and low humidity.In years past I did corn at night after the kids were in bed.Back then I did several bushels of corn at a time.Now I did just enough for the 2 of us.
Mr.T does like good Iowa sweet corn.
The smell of the cooking corn is a very good memory. Another memory is fresh green beans cooking in a canner. There is nothing better that the smell of tomatoes cooking in an open kettle.
Remembered smells bring back all sorts of memories.Yesterday while doing the corn the breeze through the window brought the smell of burning trash.You would not think that could bring a good memory but it did.When I was a child I went to stay with my aunt Annie and uncle Kenny.It was one of the few times I got to stay away from home with relatives.I remember playing bad mitten with the 3 boy cousins. We got to buy a new set at the five and dime store. The smell,from the window, allowed all the memories of the creek that ran beside the house and going through the woods to the neighbors that had lots of junk.Back then it was junk--- now it would be treasures for for the folks that repurpous.This neighbor burned constantly.
Memories of fresh mowed grass and eating Wheaties with chocolate milk.Hearing the train whistle and walking on a dusty gravel driveway. All good childhood memories.

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Martha said...

Such nice memories!