November 10, 2008

poor marcella

this morning when i went back to paint marcella i noticed a small dark mark just above her right eye.
i used my eraser to wipe off the paint to see what it was. oh my poor thing.i learned a lesson today.
always use the messy mix on every doll. the most important thing for me in doing a face is drawing exactly what i want before i paint. so i do a lot of erasing with a soft white eraser.
it works well but this time i erased to often and softened the gesso.i am glad to find out and did not just leave it. the face would have cracked for sure eventually and if i had sold her that would have been a disaster.
so her beautiful face will get sanded off and redone. she may even have a different name when she finally gets a face. and it was going so well.

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