November 4, 2008

the festival of tables

Well it is the time of year our local library has a fund raiser.They host a festival of tables.This year it will be Nov. 14th and 15th.
I did a practice set up today. My theme is A Pumpkin Fest.
The sheet I am using for an under table cloth needs to be pressed so just don't pay any attention to that. My pumpkin dishes are new. The rest is a mix and match of new and vintage.There are a lot of pieces to put on a 6 ft. table. It is not round like mine here at home. I think it will be a really fun table to do.
I went on line to see how i wanted to fold the napkins.The hat/crown style worked well. The spreader that has a pumpkin on the handle fits right into the little pocket the fold makes.

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