May 25, 2016

Christmas tree

Remember the fresh tree I bought in November? Well if not here is a picture to remind you.This tree has been in a bucket of water since we got it. It is amazing that the tree has lasted so long.The needles are still soft and not dry at all. It was time to take it down.Time to put something new in its place.
I have been sorting,pressing and refolding all the fabric on the shelves in the sewing room. It has been a long process. Shopping in my house is fun.I found fabrics I forgot I had.

I added a few of my collected sewing things and the AG dolls.  

The orioles are back. I had not seen a female oriole until yesterday. The male has been here often.

We have had kids and grand kids and great grand daughter for a visit. What a sweet baby Alice is. Always happy. 
Hope you all have a great memorial day weekend. Remember those that have given all for our freedoms.j

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