January 10, 2016

2016 a new year.

We have not started off our new year the best. Tom ended 2015 with health issues. COPD has been diagnosed. In June he had pneumonia, then was troubled with pleurisy .In Oct he had more pain with the pleurisy.During these months he has had 5 x rays. In June it showed the pneumonia and then the pleurisy.
 Thinking things were better till he went out to blow snow just after Christmas and could not catch his breath. Now he is unable to much of anything. We have an appointment Jan.26th to see a pulmanloagist.(sp) They drained a pint of fluid off a sack they spotted in the x ray.Thought we were on the mend but the fluid is coming back. Thus the reason to get to a specialist in Waterloo. We have been told there is no mass. We also have to make a trip to Ames to the thyroid doc for biopsy. Good news that there is no mass but not knowing and having to wait for 3 weeks is not good for his health nor mine.The driving to to cities in 2 days will be exhausting. I pray God's will be done and  for God healing hand on Tom.

I have tried to keep busy but my mind wanders. I have made a couple of Valentine doll dresses. I am thinking of doing a simple strip doll quilt. Something that takes little concentration.

The birds keep my mind busy.
Morning dove
purple finch

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Lois (AKA Onnie) said...

Just a quick note to tell you not to get too depressed. My husband had constant pneumonia and bronchitis. He was diagnosed with COPD and we have a wonderful pulmonologist. We have a way to handle any infections that start up, but they aren't as big a deal as they were since he is on maintenance meds that really keep things even. Hope you get in to see him soon and get some advice from a specialist.