September 8, 2015

Storm pictures

Sunday evening the storm clouds rolled in. We took a drive and I took some pictures of the storm progress. The only lighting shot and a car had to get in the picture.  I need more practice with my camera. Next time I will remember the sports setting.

We made a great loaf of apple fritter bread. Recipe is on   I did not put the glaze on it. No matter it was very good without it.T oday we did freezer apple pie filling, recipe here.  We are also making apple sauce. Time now for a rest. Hope your holiday was a good one.j

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Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

We had storms yesterday and today. it was badly needed with so little rain lately. I spent yesterday, canning tomatoes, making jam, baking muffins. Gosh I hope it rains more often so I can play in the kitchen. I hope you won't mind me saying this, but it is hard to read the black text against the brown background. I really needed to get close...but then may be it's my eyes!