May 4, 2015

Spring 2015

 I love spring.We went camping this past weekend.Probably should have stayed home to do all that needs done in the spring. Yesterday I got some, of the many pots I have, filled. I still have more to fill as you can see.

This bunch are from the green house.They need TLC.

The trees are beautiful this year.

We have a lilac that is original to the house.We have been here 45 years. The blooms are stunning this year.

I redid an old chair and thought I'd share. Not sure if I have shown this before. I will add it to the screen porch. A good place to do hand stitching.
It was one that we have had for years in the shop waiting for new covering. Mr.T. threatened to throw it away. Have a great week.j

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Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Spring is a fabulous time, we wait all winter for it! So glad you went camping...I love it but hubs not so much! Love that chair how cool is that! Have a happy Mother's Day!